Sustainable Lifeboat (TM)


SustainableLifeboat (TM)  is a generic model farm(s) for alternative crops for various regions of North America, using drip irrigation systems (for organic weed control and conservation of water). 

Principles and practices associated with the SustainableLifeboat (TM)  concepts will prove "priceless" should the electricity grid and water distribution systems collapse after times of financial instability. They have been developed to facilitate the growth of food vegetables, herbs, chickens, etc. using proven water saving products.

The SustainableLifeboat (TM) model can be augmented with the addition of some traditional healthy farm techniques and produce such as crop rotation, free range pastured chickens and livestock, traditional heirloom vegetables, and aquaponics.

These model farms act as  SustainableLifeboat (TM) retreats, via an “entrepreneurial” action, using a capitalistic structure.

The objective is to create an investment model to help find the funding to create a network of farm retreats. To create as many farm retreats with income streams while current currency paradigms continues to exist.

They will produce herb and spice crops for the growing floral trade, and to develop accurate cost-of-goods produced for eventual expansion opportunities. A secondary objective is to take advantage of horticultural and related large-garden type farming background (and equipment).


One such technique is an “Aquaponics Art System” 

Aquaponics is a naturally occurring symbiotic relationship between plants and fish. In ponds, rivers and lakes, the waste generated by the fish is carried to the shoreline where it becomes a nutrient rich food for plants. The plants’ roots become a natural filter for the waste water before it is returned to the source. read more -- click for a list of materials to build a Global Garden

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